Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants Light Suppliers



As a lighting designer, my instant reaction is to tell you to ensure that you have enough light to fulfil the necessary tasks. We would like to use tested lighting products which we can pull in to CAD programmes and simulate the end result. However, as the atmosphere and appearance of these areas are so crucial to them being successful, we are prepared to work with other products to get the interior designers’ desired impression.

So, having twisted our arm to use almost any product, how do you source your lights?

Firstly, you need to know roughly want theme or scheme you want. This is ideally done with a ‘mood board’ and include pictures of lights you would like, even if they do not look exactly like the ones you are looking for.

Having gone through that process, both you and us should have a good idea of what is required.

We are not tied to one or two single suppliers of hotel, bar and restaurant lights. We are independent. We have relationships with many of the leading and not so well know manufacturers. We also have a network of contacts within the hospitality lighting industry who will point us in the right direction to source exactly what you are looking for.

Unless there has been a specific Italian Crystal luminaire, or something unique, then we will only use UK suppliers, or Irish lighting suppliers. We have offices in both of these countries and can easily work with such lighting suppliers.

We are not xenophobes. Our preference for working with UK and Irish manufacturers is that we can check them out, and get to trust them. They are responsible for providing lights to conform with EU safety. If we were to bring lights in direct from the far east (for example), then have to self-certify that the lights comply (CE Mark). But without independent testing, would we really know? We are not prepared to take that risk, and clients aren’t usually prepared to pay for testing.

Many UK and Irish lighting suppliers import their products from abroad. We have good experience in determining whether the lights are likely to meet CE mark requirements. By the way, just because a product has the CE mark on it, doesn’t mean it complies. What it means is that the person who brought it in to the UK is self-certifying that it complies.

If lights are ever going to be late for a project, or there is a problem with them, we can be straight on the manufacturer’s doorstep to get things resolved. It isn’t going to happen with imported lights, and foreign manufacturers are less likely to be too bothered as they will have been paid up front, so there is little incentive to resolve the issues you have.

Let us also remember that the UK has some of the very best designers in the world, so why not use our home grown talent? That could even be a feature of the design.

As some much of the criteria for sourcing lights for hotels, bars and restaurants is design led, it is impossible to give you a list of all the suitable suppliers. What seems to work best is that once a design idea is agreed, we can source the best lights to fulfil it.

Try us.