Industrial Lighting Suppliers UK



In recent years there has been an explosion of industrial lighting suppliers in the UK and Ireland. Most of the start-ups in this area are pushing imported LED lights. Some of the industrial LED lights are good, and many are not so good.

You won’t go too far wrong dealing with a long established manufacturer, who manufactures in the UK. However, the end customer’s pressure for cost means that most products are manufactured abroad.

So, how do you find a credible supplier? That’s easy, and the products aren’t cheap. So perhaps the question is how do you find a supplier which provides great value industrial lighting products? Now that’s where things can get tricky and interesting.

Straight off, let’s make an assumption. “You don’t get something for nothing.” This rules out some of the cheapest products. You simply can not get a quality product from a robust business for a little money. If you are only interested in price, then get on to ebay and take your chances.

We’ll cover the specifics of what to look out for with LED industrial lighting in another document. This will cover general industrial lighting.

One really good sign of a manufacture is one who has files for lighting designers to download and use in their designs. Especially if these have been tested in the UK and are available to download within the main lighting design software. This shows that the manufacturer is prepared to pay for the testing of their products. Which is a really good sign, in our opinion.

Is the manufacture established? Or if they are not, do they have the right people in place to keep the business going? There is no point having a 5 year warranty on a product if the manufacturer is not going to be in business to honour it.

CE Marks. Now this may sound a little bit odd. But bear with us on this one. Anybody can import product in to the UK/EU and ‘self-certify’ that the product meets the necessary legislation, and put the CE mark on it. They can do this whether they have tested the products, or not, as long as they believe it complies. So even if it has a CE mark, it doesn’t mean it is safe.

We have looked at importing product in the past. When discussing the certification standards we wanted the products to meet, more than one company asked us to send them a copy of the certification we wanted, and they would make the stickers to comply. They were not interested, in anyway, in whether the product actually complied with the legislation. Now, are you prepared to buy the cheapest products with a CE mark on them, and sleep in the same building as where they are installed???

Finally, do they have a good name within the industry? In every industry names come in a big splash of publicity and exhibitions, and then disappear a couple of years later. Have other respected lighting professionals had good experiences using those products? We have the connections to find out more than the company’s marketing material might lead you to believe.

Now, not every business has the time or resource to learn about lighting and the pitfalls of lighting suppliers within the UK and Ireland. Some of those businesses use our expertise and trust us to make those decisions for them.

If you would like to discuss the supply of industrial lighting with us, we would be happy to take your call.