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Getting the balance right between ambient and task lighting in industrial premises can be difficult.

You need enough general lighting for staff to move around safely, and enough of the right light where precision work is being carried out, or labels are being read. Mistakes due to poor lighting can be costly, or dangerous.

Having good lighting helps keep staff happy and is good for productivity.

Managing the maintenance of installed lights isn’t always that easy either. We can help you use lamps with the best light and maximum light output. Paying an extra few pounds for a longer lasting light bulb is often cheaper than the hire of the cherry picker to fit them!

We have two more in-depth documents discussing industrial lighting which you may find useful. (Link to 500 word page.)

If you would like to know more about the lighting guidelines in factories and warehouses, discuss your premises, or simply ask a question about lighting, then please contact us.


August 14, 2013


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