You know what you want to achieve, but might need some help with how many of what to use.

Virtual Views

Realistic windows and sky ceilings which trick the mind.

Self Builders

Lighting is probably the most overlooked design element in home building and re-modelling. Don’t let it ruin your home.

CAD Design

We can simulate different lighting solutions to help our clients make a good choice.


We have completed a number of projects, including simulating daylight, circadian rhythms and sensory rooms.

Car Parks

These are ideal for energy efficiency projects.


Lighting is the magical ingredient to ‘make or break’ a home. We help you get it right. We take your preferences and ideas (if you don’t have any,

Communal Residential

These projects were the reason this company was created. It is what we were set up to do. It is an area of lighting where we have great


It doesn’t just have to be the reception areas which have interesting light. Lighting office space can be fun too. Granted, there does need to be a certain


“Light Sells” is a well worn phrase in commercial lighting. Get it right, and people will want what you have to sell. Get it wrong, and they will

Factories & Warehouses

Getting the balance right between ambient and task lighting in industrial premises can be difficult. You need enough general lighting for staff to move around safely, and enough


this is a picture from a school lighting system we recently installed