What We Do:

Not everybody needs all of our services. We are happy to give you much or as little help as you need or want. We don’t try to ‘up-sell’ you to something you don’t need. Below we have listed some of our main services. Please feel free to have a chat with us to see what help you need, and how we can help you.

Free Surveys & Recommendations:

There are some bits of advice we can give you with just a phone call (try us), but for more complex projects/objectives we need to get our heads around what you would like to achieve, and why. This may involve a site visit or working from drawings. Only when all that has been done can we put together a quotation and recommendations for you. It’s not too laborious on your part. We just need the information from you, and we’ll spend the time and effort working on the solutions.

Lighting Design:

From a full commercial premises lighting design to making an entrance hall look inviting and a snug feel cosy, we provide a design service using CAD so we can be confident that you get the right amount and type of light in the right places. Electrician’s are great at fitting lights, and architects are great at designing buildings. But neither is usually great at creating a functional and creative lighting design. We can email you a link to a 2min video showing the difference lighting design can make.

Product Specification & Supply:

Often we are asked to specify and supply lighting to be installed by ‘others’. We are more than happy to do this. We only specify lights sourced from the UK and Ireland. You can rest assured that we are not importing cheap rubbish from China, and that your warranties will actually mean something. We are very wary of lights without independent UK photometric testing, and you should be too.

Lighting Control:

We have 12 years of experience in this area. In residential, hotel and bar projects it is used to create scenes and moods giving wonderful atmospheres. In commercial projects it is mainly used to control and monitor energy efficiency. Controls can range from simple sensors to full Building Management Systems (BMS).


Some clients like us to take control of the whole project, right through to the completed installation. We can do this for them. We have excellent relationships with electrical contractors, shop fitters, etc so we can undertake all manner of projects for you.

Emergency Lighting:

We have emergency lighting qualifications and can undertake everything from design through to installation and regular testing. Has your emergency lighting been tested recently?


This isn’t something we do ourselves, but we can put you in touch with a great company who do. Firstly, they will check your billing history from your current suppliers. If you have been over charged they will get your money back (some clients have recovered thousands). If you have been undercharged they will only tell you. All of that service is FREE. Then they will offer you rates to review when your utilities contracts are up for renewal. Ask us to put you in touch.

free surveys


We can take care of the disposal of any old lights which are removed. Did you know that fluorescent tubes/lights are classified as ‘hazardous waste’? They cannot just be thrown in the bin. We can work with you to ensure any lights are disposed off correctly, and often without any charge to you.